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more tango

My last workshop got me thinking again...yet again. And the more I think about it, the more annoyed by it I become.

I have no problem with learning large or fancy movement. And in the second class I was in, we did learn something rather large.

What annoyed me about this (and still does) is that the teacher spent quite some time going on about social dancing, embraces used on the social floor and how we don't dance like they do in Argentina. Then she goes on to show a pattern that would NEVER be used on a crowded social floor in Buenos Aires. Have a look at some youtube videos of milongas in BsAs and you won't see any overlarge movement regarless of the crowd (at least at the traditional milongas). To me, that was just plain ole' wrong and a very poor decision.

Milonga at Nino Bien:
Milonga at Cachirulo: (end of the night- they are dancing a little wilder, but this would be "tame" dancing here in America)

I've been pondering it ever since and can only come up with one possibility that fits. Perhaps teachers teach this was in BsAs but somehow, from somewhere, the students are also learning how to make the judgement between what is correct for the social floor and what is not (or at least how to pare down their movement). And that truly is something that is a problem in America with the social dancers. Many of them don't think about what they learn and it's application or non-application to the social floor nor how to make judgments of what is ok to use and what isn't.

Where is this coming from? Is it the fault of the teachers for not specifically teaching the students how to judge the applicability of what they learn for social floor versus performance, or are we just, in general, really dumb?
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