bastetcat (bastetsbeads) wrote,

tango shoes

I am eagerly awaiting a pair of tango shoes. I have dutifully got most of my other shoes for sale (at ) that aren't fitting me properly (that's most of them)...and am awaiting a nice LOW heel pair of shoes by Greta Flora through Diva Boutique...

I've tried peep and close toe shoes, and they just hurt my toes. So I'm going back to open toes. I hope I don't entirely regret it...a stepped on toe is just about the most unfun thing you can do in dancing...and it always happens to the one toe I really don't want it to happen to- my big toe.

But-nerves aside- the shoes are gorgeous and Greta Flora has quickly been gaining a good rep.

Here's a preview of a pair I'm considering in purple.

Tags: argentine tango, greta flora, tango shoes
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