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I'm having a day off today...we'll as much of a day off as ever I get in my I am pondering the state of my eBay.

I used to make my living making lampwork beads and selling a fair amount of them on eBay, and making enough to squeek by on.

Not so anymore. Let's just say I've had about a 100% decrease in lampwork sales. Man, I was so upset a year ago when I was making half what I used to and so had to go out and find another part time job, plus teach social tango part time, plus try to keep up with the beads. Now I'd just be grateful to make that much again.

So I've been doing this for the past year now, and making less and less on eBay, while my fees have increased.

I honestly can't figure out how I am losing $30-40 a month on fees when I rarely make over $100 a month anymore. That's something close to 40 and 50 percent cut, off wholesale price....and doesn't include Paypal fees. I'm lucky to pay myself anything from that account at the end of the month, and I'm exhausted, but I can't stop listing or people will forget about me completely.

So I sent out an email to the people on my mailing list to say I was seriously cutting down the online store, and moving handmade items over to my derelict Etsy account I haven't posted in for months because it's not a particularly "user friendly" place to "find" items. People who seem to do well there drive their business there from elsewhere. I guess it can't be any worse than eBay and I'll just have to give it a try again.
Tags: ebay, economy, etsy, lampwork beads, selling
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