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Who hair sprayed my cats???!!!

Ok- there's not REALLY hair spray on my cats...but this is the weirdest thing.

We had LOADS of rain (yee-haw!) and I guess this has triggered a belated blooming of all plants and the accompanying pollen attack, which knocked me flat last week.

A few days ago, I noticed that the long haired brother and sister (Velvet and Elvis) had weird feeling fur..very dry and brittle. I figured it was just that I had forgotten to comb them or something so I did but every time they came in from outside, their fur was dry and brittle, like they had hair spray on it.

Then in the car, I kept noticing little sparkly bits on the windshield, but it wasn't we stuck our fingers on it and it was sticky.

I put 2 and 2 together and figured SOMETHING out there (maybe elm) was making loads of pollen to make up for the very very dry summer and that this is what the cats were getting on them every time they went out...ewww.
Tags: allergies, cats, rain
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