bastetcat (bastetsbeads) wrote,

what a week!

It's been an interesting week for me tango-wise.

My other half is away and I spent all week teaching classes by myself. I think this has been a good thing because it really helps me learn how to consolidate and solidify my viewpoints without relying on anyone else.

We worked on walking up north...because they need it. They are trying, but I think I've thought it through enough now to make progress. With some groups it just seems to be constant trial and error til you find something that works. It took me forever to find a good explaination of embrace and posture. None of the usual ones we use seemed to be working. Gotta love 'em- they're a tough crowd!

On the other hand, I did a private lesson with a couple who just naturally fell right in to close embrace. I kept trying to take them out of it because it's normally a big fail and stumbling block for beginners, but they actually were doing well in it and kept sliding to it when I would try to talk about open so I worked on that instead and dropped my usually beginner spiel. At the start of the lesson walking and weight changes weren't happening and all they had was a pattern another teacher downtown had shown them (basic 8). After I had them drop that and just work on walking, weight changes and side steps plus connection, they went "wow, that was different".

Yes- having to actually connect and lead and follow is quite different from a pattern. I feel really bad that they spent money on 8 private lessons with this person before they came to us, but I guess you have to let it go at some point. I've certainly been under the bridge....*sigh*
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