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tango heresy

I dance mostly close embrace. I like it. That's what I do...give me a flat on style or a chest to chest "v" and I'm very happy...Open and "almost closed", I'll do them if I have to, but it's not my preference and I'll admit to being mostly adequate now through lack of use.

I am also quite happy that I can apparently hold a 200 lb person in place while standing on one leg....but that's irrelevant here...

I posted this on a forum and it has given me heretical tango thoughts...

"I danced with someone the other day (I was leading) and was attempting close embrace. I got through about 3 phrases of the music and had to switch to open just to be able to match her weight placement.

I know (from experience, because my main job is following) that this can make the follower feel bad, and this is the hardest thing for me to deal with regarding close embrace, because it can lead to a little flattening of the ego but if people can't learn how to match their partner, what else can you do? It was either move to a more comfortable position, or stumble all over her."

One of the main problem in my area for dancing tango is lack of floorcraft abilities and awareness about small space dancing. It's why my partner and I went to learn close embrace and all the elements that are common to it.

But I still dance small space type elements, even when I am not in close embrace and employ the same floorcraft techniques. So I am beginning to mentally separate the 2, with the possibility that people who don't like close embrace (too bad for them) should still be able to learn small space dancing, even if they keep a "close open" or open position.

Hmmm......not strictly milonguero, but I'm a bit of a rebel. I like a little modernity.
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