bastetcat (bastetsbeads) wrote,


ok- I got tagged by orangepaisley for this but I will start out saying I don't even KNOW seven people so tagging others will be almost non existant from me...

1. I have a very hard time saying no to anything chocolate.
2. I have a fetish for nice Tango shoes but regular footwear I could care less about.
3. I love to go out and dance but I am a reclusive introvert in most other areas.
4. It's been nearly a decade since anyone has seen my real hair color.
5. I have a purse that says "Tinkerbell".
6. I work with hot glass and a flame but have horrid fears of death by fire. (Probably means I was burned at the stake in a past life.)
7. Almost all my cats have names/nicknames that end in and "ee" sound.

I tag kaleetha, tangomusicology and oliana0 if they happen to read this since i don't really know how this works.
Tags: meme
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